Saturday, 7 June 2014

Cybernetic Radiophonics

Father of cybernetic art Nicolas Schöffer (1912-1992) is seen here installing his work at the ICA London for exhibit in 1960. This was presumably the first UK showing of Cysp I (1956), usually considered the original cybernetic sculpture in that it made use of a primitive electronic computer control system.

The British Pathé newsreel commentator gives us their usual 'artist-as-nutty-professor' shtick, but once he shuts up there is some great radiophonics to accompany the visuals of the Lux 3 sculpture. Schöffer collaborated with electronic / musique concrète composer Pierre Henry, which is an interesting connection.

Here is a French newsreel version, featuring prettier girls and lousier music (quelle surprise!)

There is also a nice discussion of an exhibition (perhaps 'open studio' is more precise) that took place some years ago in his old studio (which I hope is still intact in Montmartre) plus some cool images here and here.

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