Wednesday, 27 August 2014


There were 25 Jennings novels written for children by Anthony Buckeridge between 1950 and 2004. It seems slightly odd to me that the author's political sympathies lay with the Left but he chose to write about the humourous antics of private schoolboy J.T.C. Jennings and his chum Darbishire. It also seems unusual for Armada to have staged photography for the covers of these 1970s reissues, rather than standard issue artist illustrated covers such as Richmal Crompton's contemporary Just William books did. 

Photo covers were usually reserved for television or film tie-in editions, and unlike William Brown, Jennings never made the jump to TV. My warped view of the world can't help wondering about the erotic possibilities of the imagery for those of a certain persuasion. Operation Yewtree have been informed.

Also, why Tippex out the book prices if you've got nothing to hide?

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