Tuesday, 15 April 2014

This Was Tomorrow

Chris Stephens and Katherine Stout (eds.), Art and the 60s - This Was Tomorrow, Tate, London, 2004.

Yes, you've noticed there's a barcode sticker obscuring part of the book cover. I bring home a lot of books from my univeristy library, where the cataloguing staff appear to be aesthetic vandals who take perverse pleasure in positioning stickers on book jackets so as to ruin their design wherever possible. I like good design and often judge a book by its cover, so this irritates me but it's not going to get in the way of this blog. No, sir.

Art & The 60s was a survey show at the Tate Britain gallery, looking at mostly London based artists from that revolutionary decade.
Allen Ginsberg at the Royal Albert Hall Poetry reeading (1965)

David Hockney, The Third Love Painting (1960)

Trellick Tower, Ladbroke Grove, Ernő Goldfinger (architect), 1968

Joe Tilson, Vox Box (1963)

Beyond the Fringe - Bennett, Cook, Miller, Moore (photo Lewis Morley) 1961

Up against it - Joe Orton (photo Lewis Morley) 1965
Alexandra Road Estate, Camden. Neave Brown (architect)

Peter Phillips, The Entertainment Machine (1961)
I like a bit of Pop Art but a personal highlight was a small essay on artist William Green, a figure who rose to notoriety in the late 1950s and by the end of the 60s had all but disappeared.
William Green and infamous bicycle

William Green, Untitled (1958)

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