Friday, 18 April 2014

Windows 75

Rosemary and Charlotte Ellis
London, The Bodley Head, 1975

Published ten years before Bill Gates and his Microsoft chums released their world dominating operating system, Windows was the first in a series of four non-fiction titles written by Rosemary Ellis and co-written with her daughters Charlotte and Penelope and Isabelle Symons for The Bodley Head. The others titles were Pipes and Wires, Trees, and Paper-making.

These were intended as informal education books for kids in primary or middle school, didactic but designed to stimulate thought and enquiry as much as impart factual information. They are illustrated with mostly original black and white photographs, either taken by the authors or supplied by commercial or professional bodies. Not quite photobooks, there is nonetheless a well-considered design to all of them.


Rosemary Ellis was married to Clifford Ellis, artist and head of Bath School of Art and Design. The pair are perhaps best know for their wonderful designs for the Collins New Naturalist series of books.

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